Take tourists and non-locals on walking tours to points of interest that are reachable by foot.

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Cities all over the world have people giving walking tours to people who visit. It’s the most affordable way to see the points of interest in a given city or town. Visitors love the money savings, the connection with the guides, and the authenticity of walking tours. So, with a little familiarization of the noteworthy local places and alliances made with some hotels, you can start your own flavour of walking tours.

I’ve been to enough countries around the world to see walking tour providers and how popular they are. I’ve been on ones that were set up by a hotel or hostel. It was free for me, but the tour guide was likely paid by either the accommodation, city, or by tips from tour goers.

For this one, you would approach hotels and city hall where they pay you per tour you give or by the hour. In that case, set a schedule and check in regularly for tour guests. If going at it totally privately, place yourself at city centres and bus/train stations to be in front of the most possible people to fill your groups. Approach people with a sales pitch of where you’re going to go, what you can teach the people, and cost (probably free, hoping for tips). Bonus if you can make alliances with local businesses such as ice cream shops, gift shops, etc. Make stops at those shops with your group so they can grab a treat and spend some money at there. In return, you can negotiate a small kickback from the shops. I remember a tour I was on in Peru and alpacas are kinda their thing. Sure enough, they stopped off at a big alpaca wool shop. It worked because I bought a sweater…

It depends what city you’re set up in, but you could score 2 large groups per day, but more realistically in the beginning, 4 per week in medium popular cities. Per outing, $2 in kickbacks, $8 in tips and $15 from the hotel/municipality.

Bonus Side Effects:

  • Rewarding job getting to meet lots of great people

Potential Minimum Income:

  • $25 per tour x 4/week =$100/week

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