Spend time apprenticing and volunteering for experts.

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Just like the Phase #1 Volunteer First, we highly recommend generously giving time to volunteer and learn from people who are experts in a given field. The approach of giving first (volunteering) without expecting any direct pay is a fantastic way to glean valuable information, learn skills and make connections. While many people are looking for free handouts these days, our protocol advocates aren’t afraid to dig in and put themselves out there first- humble themselves enough to work without pay and admit they have much to learn.

This is a phase 2 because we’re talking about upping the volunteer game and dealing with experts and high-ups using experience and knowledge gained from the phase 1’s. The experience gained from CEO’s, business owners, professional athletes, and skilled people is unmatchable. Experience is often valued more than than paid education. Volunteering under the right mentor can yield a possible great job offer in the future or the knowledge to run a wildly successful business. All for almost no cost whatsoever.

Give first, it’s easier to trust that. Mentors won’t just help anyone. Be ready to start at the bottom- however, aim for the bottom of a very tall ladder. Call the expert’s office or stop by and try to get a meeting with them. Well calibrated persistence is key.

Recently, I scored a meeting with a big player in my city. I knew I had wanted to meet him for a couple of years now after driving by his properties all the time with an admiration. It was actually easy to meet him. I stopped by his office one day by chance, and the receptionist gave me his card. When I got home, I called him right away and he picked up. He was very brief and the only things he said was, “who are you?” I answer. Next was, “what do you want?” I answer. And last was, “can you come in at 10am?” I say, “absolutely,” and I just hear a click. No goodbye.

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

Bonus Side Effects:

  • A lifelong relationship is made with the mentor
  • Connections with other high-ups

Proposed Minimum Income:

  • Dollar wise, probably nothing…. but tons of wisdom.

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