Trade from a most basic item all the way up to… well… as high of value item as possible.

See where we’re going with this post by watching this video.

Trades happen all the time and the most successful ones are when both parties really need each others’ items. It’s a matter of necessity. Trading a regular 50″ tv for a 40″ smart tv is pretty much a lateral trade- it isn’t going anywhere. There are certain items that are generally popular and have a broader range of possible people to trade with. Those items are “needed” more. It’s all about having what people need.

Excellent items to trade for are tools (e.g. wrenches, drills, table saws), collectibles (e.g. signed baseball, antique toys autographs), income producing items (e.g. food cart, wood splitter).

Trades can be started even on the street with strangers. One time I had a guy walking by my house that tried to sell me a tent. I almost went for it. Yes, he was selling, but the point is that he was just walking down the sidewalk and traded a tent for money. If using a library for internet, online classifieds are rife with trade possibilities and a perfect place to list an item.

Bonus Side Effects:

  • Some cool possessions can be acquired.

Potential Minimum Income:

  • Valuable items are obtained and can be sold.
  • Potential is limitless. See the above video about a paperclip turning into a house!

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