Blow snow from residential and commercial customers’ driveways and walk ways in the winter.

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

This project can begin after any Phase #1, but perfectly complements Phase #1 Shovel Snow, utilizing the same customers. In this phase, however, it is required to invest in some equipment, specifically a snowblower and shovel, regardless of which Phase #1 small business preceded this phase.

A snowblower can be found through several online classifieds such as Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace. A modest priced blower has a ballpark cost of $350, gas can $10, gasoline $10 and a new shovel for $30. Use Phase #1 money for this.

Using the same tactics as the Phase #1 Shovel Snow project, go door to door blowing driveways and shovelling walkways. Snowblowers can be easily pushed down the street and almost all of them drive themselves. By this time, some regular customers can be acquired using a purchased cell phone. After each cleanup job, obtain the customer’s phone number and store it for future snowfalls or possible contracts with them.

With self-owned equipment more credibility is earned and a slightly higher pay than the Phase #1 Shovel Snow.

See this youtube video on how to run a snowblower:

I learned that blowing snow, especially after a snowfall, can earn significant money. One day after a large snowfall a few years ago, a friend and I travelled around a few neighbourhoods with my snowblower and a shovel cleaning driveways. The minimum we received was $20 and the last place we did was even $40 (the customer offered that much). On top of it, that last customer asked if we could do it for them on the regular. We could’ve asked more because almost every house we tried, we got the job. For a few hours work we made a way with $100 each; $33/hr each. Not bad.

We don’t suggest that $33/hr will be made regularly, but for our estimates, using fast, self-owned equipment, this small business project could pull off 2.5 driveways per hour, including moving to the next place. Only operating 7 hours per day, that’s 18 driveways per day and likely one snow day opportunity per week. An irresistible cost per 2-car driveway is $14.

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

Bonus Side Effects:

  • With relationships built with customers, this could become summer work cutting grass, utilizing our Phase #2 Cut Grass method.

Proposed Minimum Income:

  • (18) jobs per day @ $14 each = $252/day

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