For tips, assist travellers and new-comers to the area with connections to different services that they may need.

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When anyone arrives to a new area, they need solid advice for an honest and fair priced cabbie, a good restaurant hook up, day-trips and tours, exciting bars advice, and more. It is customary for someone to pay a tip for such services. That, or they have an arrangement with each service provider to send people to them.

I’ve been on vacation to places where there are fellows putting themselves out there to us tourists by setting us up with what we want and need. For example, I remember coming ashore from a cruise ship in Dominican Republic and being met by a random local who offered a connection to everything from bars to drugs to restaurants to transportation and even to girls. I actually did use his help to arrange a motorcycle ride and a little restaurant for lunch… and subsequently tipped him with a sense of obligation like a slap in the face.

Heck, everyone has heard of the cabbies in different cities dropping inquisitive new-comers off at over-priced clubs because they ask the cabbies which clubs are fun. Ultimately, it’s and empty club with ridiculous prices. The driver gets a kickback for taking the unsuspecting tourists there.

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

Similar to the club promoter, this phase realizes the need to be outgoing and personable. It begins with making acquaintances with good cabbies, restaurants, and other tourist-geared providers. Next, be positioned at places like airports, train and bus stations where people are arriving and need guidance. Being friendly and helpful will surely earn tips in the $2-$5 range. It is waaaay better than begging and even beggars offering absolutely nothing make a surprisingly modest living, considering.

Approach people asking them what they need. Aid them and walk them to these needed things.

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

Bonus Side Effects:

  • Make great connections with people.
  • Get possible kickbacks from the service providers and businesses. Probably discounts also.

Potential Minimum Income:

  • $2 tips/kickbacks x 10 people helped = $20/day

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