Expanding into hiring employees to cut grass under the business name.

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

This is an ideal phase to follow Phase #2 Grass Cutting 2, but can succeed many of our Phase 2’s. When you’re too busy or you simply want to limit how much time you’ll devote to work, it’s time to expand. Leverage your established customer base, great reputation, attractive rates, and previously earned money to buy another lawnmower and trimmer… and hire your first employee!

Refer again to Phase #2 Grass Cutting 2 on buying lawn care equipment and drumming up customers.

There are a finite amount of hours in a day and only so many lawns can get cut by one person, so the profit has limits. We say, go for expansion to multiply the income. Pay someone around $8 to cut each customer’s yard for you while you are out cutting others. It takes around 35 minutes to cut an average city yard, so that equates to about $14/h in pay. Charge that customer a modest $12-15 and you have a $4-$7 profit on each yard. Deduct gasoline, and oil if using a trimmer, to end up netting $3-$5 per yard. Multiply that by 8 yards per day and all of the sudden it’s $24-$40 extra that you’re making each day on top of $80-$120 you’re making from cutting yourself. Now it’s starting to get attractive!

I wrote in the Grass Cutting Phase #1 about a company that I helped who had started as twin brothers hauling a lawnmower around in the trunk of their old car, going door to door cutting grass. Today, they have a handful of crews out doing window washing, gutter cleaning, tree work, lawn care, and several office workers hitting the phone lines drumming up business with existing and potential customers.

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

Bonus Side Effects:

  • Similar to our successful twins, you’re cutting grass for customers anyway, so it’s possible to branch out more and offer them light duty tree work, gutter cleaning, snow removal after grass season, and more.

Potential Minimum Income:

  • Original $80-$120/day + daily profit from each employee of $24-$40= $104-$160 daily profit.

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