Visit with and assist seniors with minor duties in their home.

In North America we have a large aging population of elderly. That means there are more and more seniors needing attention every year. Many have been widowed already or housebound and are therefore, lonely. There is a big need for a companion for elderly that can be very rewarding and offer a satisfying pay.

This is a Phase #2 because in order to advertise and offer your services, you would need a computer, internet, phone and methods of transportation. Equally, the experience and a strong portfolio showing all the services you’ve successfully provided helps. Finally, for the sake of purity, Phase #1’s technically don’t have any of that because they’re starting from absolute 0.

Using Phase #1 money, it’s time to buy a computer and phone. If a computer is still out of budget, that’s ok, pay at an internet cafe until you can buy one. Post your ad on online classifieds with your new phone number offering companionship and light assistance to seniors. All you have to do to be successful at this is be honest, friendly, helpful and a good listener. Swear to god they’ll love you! No special talents or years of college needed.

They will call and the process should begin with a meet and greet or interview so they can see what you’re like and get a vibe off of you. From there, it’s time to schedule a first session. At the visits, the duties may include simply hanging out and talking, going for a walk, helping with cleaning, helping with meals, etc. We want to keep the pay for this service at a modest $10/hr with a 2 hr minimum. Again, affordable and hard to resist. At first, one visit per day for 5 out of 7 days each week is $100. After things get rolling, tripling that is realistic. The beauty with this project is that it can be coupled with another project since it doesn’t take up much time.

Bonus Side Effects:

  • A very rewarding job indeed. Good for the soul.
  • Possibly meals included while visiting.

Potential Minimum Income:

  • $20/day x 5 days = $100/week

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