Be paid by clubs, bars, and restaurants to send customers to their establishments.

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When I used to go out on the odd Friday or Saturday night, in my city there’s a place you could go if you want free cover at the more popular bars. It was where a couple girls would hang out on the street handing out free cover passes. On each of the cards was her name written in the corner so that the club knew who to pay the commission to. All they were doing was standing around at night handing out cards as people walked by!

Clubs and bars are always looking to jam more people in, so they pay promoters to send people there to drink. Being a promoter doesn’t take much more than being very outgoing and eventually be shameless posting online and messaging people. At this stage, simply handing out cards or meeting lots of people is key. First, approach the owners and general managers of some bars with the proposal of driving more customers to their establishment. They would certainly have a hard time turning away anyone interested in helping them make more money. Next, meet people, meet people, meet people. Make friends with everyone!

That is a very basic form of promoting. Many promoters around the world make a very comfortable living from club promoting. In the basic form, one could expect around $1 per person that they send to the club.

Over the course of several nighttime hours, at least 20 people could be met and sent to the associated club. Further, drumming up club guests through the day will earn even more. Promoting on weekends is the holy grail though.

Bonus Side Effects:

  • Tons of friends are made and connections to other possible opportunities. You never know!
  • Social and sales skills are honed.

Proposed Minimum Income:

  • $1 x 20 guests = $20/day

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