Sell your talents to the public on the street such as singing, feats of strength, dancing, painting, drawing, etc.

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Busking is not begging, so we believe it’s fair game. It is performing entertainment for people voluntarily and if they choose to offer money for that, great. Performers in clubs and theatres get paid, so what’s the difference?

Sometimes poor, along with the rest of society have a latent skill that is worth money to someone. If so, it should be used, especially if it’s a skill that’s enjoyable, dammit!

Travelling to different countries around the world I’ve witnessed a variety of buskers. So far, Peru had the most as well as the widest variety. In centro de Lima (downtown Lima), for example, there are mime-types who dress up in a soldier costume and stand completely still until someone puts money in the container. They then do a 2 second movement and then hold that new pose. Peru has singers, musicians, dancers and even people carrying around baby llamas for photo opportunities for pay.

To be pure, our phase 1’s presume no money, no possessions. That really limits what can be busked at this point. Technically, the beginners here have no musical instruments or props. Some ideas are singing, dancing, preaching, feats of strength, acrobatics, cold reading (psychic readings), one-man plays, and comedy. All of these thing can be learned in the process by the way. Start busking and practicing the skill right away and it will still produce some money. It will likely be pity money at first… wink. Truth be told, I’m likely to give money for the honest attempt and effort that they put in. Many others would give the same way too.

Next, carefully choose a busy spot where you won’t get into trouble and the people are likely to not only appreciate that talent, but they actually have money to give. Bad place=in front of homeless shelter. Good place=subway station

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

Bonus Side Effects:

  • An awesome skill is learned inadvertently!

Potential Minimum Income:

  • Tough to pinpoint, but $6/hour is fair to presume. That’s only $1 per 10 minutes.
  • $6/hr x 6 hr/day = $36

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