I always got a thrill from teaching and mentoring to receptive, worthy people. My undergrad was all about the prospect of teaching elementary and high school at the end of it. I still love teaching things, but I have a pure entrepreneurial spirit and I’d rather be my own boss. For schooling, I hold a cum laude psychology degree and certified in therapeutic hypnotism and NLP.

In my working career, I have gained a wealth of knowledge from my own rooming houses, working at youth detention centres, foster care group homes, foster community support, as a peer mentor in university and volunteered as a Big Brother.

Born and raised on a farm in Canada, the city life is more my home and the country life as a short getaway. When I’m not writing, I own and manage rooming houses in my city, manage my cottage rentals and work on online retail pursuits. I really loooove business and writing, but hobbies are table tennis, playing rock guitar, water skiing, boating, and travelling.

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About my trajectory now

I plan to build quality, value-filled blogsites, operate and add to my real estate holdings, and private label online sales. Navigating my way through private label is new to me. Though, it won’t be long until I have a product or two that I’m proud to put my name on.

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