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The common excuse is that there’s no way out of poverty and it’s everyone else’s fault. For example, “I need MORE help,” or “I’m sick/I have a bad ___leg/back/arm____ and can’t work,” or “I’m not doing THAT??? (implying that kind of work is below them),” and my personal favorite, “there is no work.”

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

I got frustrated from hearing this junk (first hand) because I could easily dissolve these excuses and come up with practicable, real world examples of exactly the opposite: how to get out of poverty and off social assistance. I realized that I enjoyed conceiving strategies. I found that no one is talking about this subject because they are drowning in empathy instead.

My work here is inspiration for entrepreneur minded people – a resetting, if you will; a reminder of the small business fundamentals and that so much is possible. Further, there is virtually no excuse not to be at least financially independent.

Purity of Content

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

Observing as an avid internet reader, there’s a wealth of advice posts and lists, but most of them feel like clickbait and only offer surface level help. Many are carbon copies of each other with just different titles. The titles they create are so tempting because they have wild be-all-end-all claims, such as “Top 10 Ways to Cure Cancer.” When you read it, it’s superficial junk, and probably junk they’ve borrowed from another advice post. The MO here, however, is to get to the heart of the matter. No false claims. Additionally, everything written is no-excuses, no apologies, no fluff. It is here to help others as well as enlighten and open up new perspectives. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t speak to you, this isn’t your place.

About the Author

extreme entrepreneur small business ideas

A chronic brainstormer with the light always on. I go to sleep planning and strategizing, and wake up strategizing and planning.

Quite recently actually, I owned and managed 5 small businesses and 4 rental houses all at one time. I started ALL these projects myself. I’m no stranger to finding money in unique places. Many people could do the same if they put in the effort. For schooling, I hold a cum laude psychology degree and a few other random certificates.

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Born and raised on a farm in Canada, the city life is more my home and the country life as a short getaway. When I’m not writing, I own and manage rooming houses in my city, manage my cottage rentals and work on online retail pursuits. I really loooove business and writing, but hobbies are table tennis, playing rock guitar, water skiing, boating, and travelling.

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Site Disclaimer

One preliminary note: We recognize that having a serious mental disability (no, not including ADD, obesity, depression and other pseudo disabilities) is largely correlated with poverty and our writing and beliefs expressed on this site do not apply to the severely mentally disabled.

Having said that, the programs on this site are to be taken literally; no excuses. However, often discussions on this site use generalities, so relax.

Comments should be useful to the betterment of all people.

I don’t claim to be a psychologist or professional therapist. Advice and guides on this website are for recreational purposes only. Don’t take my word for it, feel free to test ideas out and see what works for you. We are not liabile if you hurt yourself or someone else, get sued or commit a crime. You are your own person and you have the choice to disregard any advice or guidance found on this website.

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