Distractions have been the greatest healers the world has ever known. They are those detached times in life where something is basically forgotten. When used properly, distractions have the power to reduce intense pains as well as stop a person from getting in the way of their own success. We can all thank distractions for helping us to overcome everything bad that has ever happened to us. Forgetting can be a beautiful thing.

We are all occupying our minds with something each minute. There is almost always something going on. Since there is always a thought going on, other thoughts are obviously forgotten in that moment. Distractions are what has kept us from dwelling on every awful thing that comes along because we are thinking about something else.

There is peace in forgetting

distractions are your friends

Take a look life after a breakup: how miserable and drained it can feel. There is often so much sadness that we don’t ever think we will make it through. Guess what? We do!

When there is a death of family or a friend, the loss is a deep pain. Nearly all of us go right back to normal after some time.

How do we make it through and why do we go back to normal? We forget, we get distracted and new life happens. After a breakup, that person didn’t think about the break literally all the time. First, they thought about it a lot… after a week, a little less… after another week, less… and so on until they were over it. As time went on, the thinking dissipated and it dissipated because other things came up- distractions. Furthermore, as time went on, memories of the other person lost their freshness because those thoughts and feelings weren’t being experienced with as much frequency. They were slowly forgotten.

Get over emotional pain: Distractions

What specifically happened that the grief thinking dissipated? The mind was busy with something else. In breakups, people commonly feel better when they go on the rebound. That’s one of the biggest breakup distractions there is and it’s the oldest trick in the book!

While distractions are fantastic for grief, professional help may be needed to solve chronic grief and depression. Here is some depression and grief tactics:

1. Date someone new

distractions are your friends

Often frowned upon for not dealing with the grief head-on. People aren’t thinking about their ex a whole lot while they are having fun with someone new. True, some grief and depression is healthy to work through. If enough time has passed though, it’s time to start dating again. I know with every new relationship, I have healed emotionally entirely from my last. If I haven’t completely forgotten about them, at least the emotional charge is gone.

2. Meet new friends

Spending time with others is curative. Foster friendships to replace the lost person in your life. Similar to dating someone new. Start to make new memories with new people or other loved ones.

3. Join a sports team

distractions are your friends

This too is bringing new people into your life, except with an added bonus of having an activity that is enjoyed and to consume your thoughts.

4. Read books and watch movies that feel good

Laughter is a great medicine and it can be achieved by watching funny movies. Replace stinkin’ thinkin’ (depressive rumination) with captivating books and movies that take you away from your thoughts.

5. Work

distractions are your friends

Almost any job will do- anything to occupy your mind until the old problems fade. What’s even better is a satisfying job or even a passionate job (if you can find your passion for now).

I have found the most depressed and grief-stricken individuals to be ones with no distractions. They have all the time in the world to dwell on their issues. People with no jobs stew on minute problems, however not actual depression or grief, it’s an example of what too much undisciplined free time and thinking will produce.

Do something at least

It is easy to recognize by now a repeating common theme. Do value adding things! No, this doesn’t suggest you sit around the local hangout spots with friends, pissing the day away. Nor does it suggest wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social junk media. Nor does it suggest even attempting to drink or do drugs to distract or numb pain. You’ll pay for it later anyhow, you always pay. The pain is just deferred.

However… when you distract yourself with quality activities, the pain is not deferred, it is instead, replaced.

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