Brita Causes Problems?For years I suffered from cankers and random migraines. I thought I tried everything to cure migraines and cankers: making my own kefir (I’m an advocate for probiotics), supplements, multivitamins, fasting, and organic juice cleanses. For 3 years I was vegetarian and ate mostly organic for one year of that. I did meditation and still do it. I also reduced microwave use, reduced my salt, and used coconut oil instead of olive oil since I cook with a lot of oil. Lastly, the creme de la creme, I eat by the autoimmune diet protocol and I swear by it. Nothing though.

My family doctor figured vitamin deficiency, but I was certain I was getting all I needed from the tons of veggies, meats and supplements I eat. I could not nail it down and make a connection to the cause. Nothing stood out… until 2018. Life changed in 2018!

No Cankers and No Migraines

During a month long trip in South East Asia, I ate garbage food. Fast food and ice cream for breakfast, lots of beer, lots of sweet breads, candies, whatever I wanted, I ate. Though I noticed that I never got a canker or a migraine. Some people said, “Ya of course. You had no stress. You were on holidays.” However, I was under no less stress there than at home.

I’m Back and They’re Back

The day after I get home, a couple cankers develop even though I eat very clean at home. No junk food, rarely alcohol and almost nothing sweet. A couple more days went by and I got nailed by a painful migraine in the middle of the night. There is a silver lining here. An opportunity had presented itself. Now I could narrow down what I’m eating and drinking here, in Canada, that I didn’t have in Asia. Hence the experiments of the cooking oil switch, reduced salt, and less microwave, since that was the way it was during my trip. No change though.

Nah, It Can’t Be the Water

I was almost out of ideas and a tenant of mine suggested the difference in drinking water. For 15 years I’ve drank from a Brita water jug- filtered and treated water. How could that be any worse than the cases of junk plastic water bottles people buy? Brita is worse and it is not healthy. Not for me anyhow.

There Must Be Something in the Water

Cure MIgraines for me

Approx March 20, 2018 I have a canker and the way mine have always been, they get big and stay for about 2 weeks no matter what. The evening of the 20th, I put away my Brita and bought a jug of spring water from Walmart. The next day the canker was starting to heal. That fast! Today is April 14th and since then, I have had no migraines. Two cankers that have tried to form, but they lasted only a day or two, then healed.

Cure Migraines and Cankers… For Me Anyhow

Almost immediately after changing my water I noticed a few other changes in my physical health. However, any results I experience may not be associated to the change in water. It’s hard to know for sure, but they were things I noticed shortly after:

  • Cankers healing quickly or not forming at all.
  • No migraines despite circumstances (lack of sleep, too much sleep) where I would normally get them.
  • Boost in energy.
  • Waking up naturally, bursting with energy at 6:30-7am each day with only 6 or 7 hours of sleep.
  • Easy falling asleep at night
  • Mood has increased off the charts. Happy, motivated, excited, resilient, hopeful.

Based on this major change, I strongly suggest switching up your water source every once in awhile, especially if you have problems that can’t be explained. In Asia, most of the water I drank was reverse osmosis purified- typical water refilling station water. They actually purify it from the god-awful, polluted tap water.

Life has been great since, so going forward, I’ll update this post if anything changes.


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