You want to get stuff, right? Attract things into your life? Law of Attraction can help.

The law of attraction has become wildly popular in the last decade or so, yet it’s been active all along, whether we believe in it or not. There are also hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces of literature that all say elementarily the same thing, but in different ways. All law of attraction and some success books could be distilled down to just this post.

We all want things, constantly wanting things, and that’s ok. There is a small process that will give you whatever you can get your head around. Notice I didn’t say “anything you want?” Ultimately, you will be the limiting factor of what you receive, so it comes down to whatever you believe possible to receive.

The beauty of the law of attraction is its simplicity. Don’t let this book or that movie complicate the process for you. Abraham Hicks makes it extremely simple and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to them for the blessings in my life from this. To date, they offer the clearest message of all the law of attraction speakers and writers. Their steps are short and sweet, though we’ll turn up the dial after this first list and probably change your life.

Here are their steps:

  1. Ask – Ask for something or even the simple act of wanting is good enough. You could visualization exercises at this point if it feels good to do. Not necessary at this point.
  2. Universal forces put it together for you – Your input on this is not needed.
  3. Allow it to come – Put the work in, believe, trust, expect and it will manifest into reality.
  4. Appreciate and solidify – Feel appreciation and consolidate the process as habit.

The above are great on their own, but the magic is really in the following:

  1. Desire – Want something, really want something.
  2. Universal forces put it together for you– No input needed
  3. Allow it to come- The most crucial step. The one that people have the most difficulty with. When you plant a seed, do you dig it up every day to see if it has sprouted? No, you leave it alone! Let nature do its work! In allowing, your job is to feel good and follow it. That’s it! Do things and think things that make you feel good and allow that to motivate and guide your actions. It sounds too simple, but that’s honestly it.You can have the moon through Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is brilliant because, in the end, it isn’t about getting the thing you want, it’s about feeling good. Basically, feel good=manifested desires. It’s ironic that while feeling good, receiving the desires don’t really matter anyway. You probably desired because you knew it would make you feel good, and guess what? You already do!


Every day, practice attracting and do visualizations with fervour is the typical advice. That can help, if done correctly, but often it’s done with lack in mind or non-belief. The whole reason why people do those exercises is to attract what they want, but instead they give off vibes and beliefs of not having and therefore nothing happens. There is a fine line between the feeling of having and not-having. The focus should always be on the feeling like you have your desire already.

Einstein Law of Attraction


So how do I feel good? Think about things that make you feel good. Do things that make you feel good. Do whatever training, practice or exercise that helps you get there. It doesn’t matter, just get there. People often use meditation to train their brain to be able to easily change back to thoughts that feel good when t


hings go the other way. Meditation also neutralizes a low mood and bad vibes.

It’s important to note, bad feelings are indicators that you’re going the wrong way… or not even going. It’s like the game “Hot and Cold.” When you’re getting closer, it feels good (hotter). When you are moving further from your desire, it feels bad (colder). Simple enough?

Back to focussing on simply feeling good to manifest desires…

When the focus is purely on thinking and doing good feeling things, you stop wondering when your desire is going to manifest. Essentially, you’ve let it go. Perhaps it could be thought of as a distraction. By the way, great things happen while distracted (time goes by quickly at work, remember forgotten things, get over a breakup, etc). In this case, distraction equals patience and both give off neutral vibes/beliefs (neither lack nor abundance).  Though, it’s the lack that will keep you stuck. Think about cooking in a slow cooker: put the raw food in, set the dial and go find something else awesome to do for the day. One thing that doesn’t make it cook faster is standing there and checking on it. I’ve tried.

After all, enjoy the journey and don’t rush it.

To sum it all up one last time, that’s:

  1. What do you want?
  2. Try to feel good and follow that good feeling. No wondering or worrying.
  3. Receive.
  4. Enjoy and appreciate.

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