To Do Your Best is Sometimes Not Good Enough

Many of us have been the boss or manager of something in life, one time or another. The mandate of that duty is to ensure that work is completed with quality and in a timely manner.  You have to do your best possible work. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen. In my experience employing people, I’ve had some good help and some bad help. Overall, I’ve had enough bad help to come to an important conclusion: Don’t do YOUR best, do MY best.

I tend to have high expectations for most people, myself included. The above quote is my maxim, my warning, when I prep someone to work with me as inferior or partner. It’s an improvement on the cliche instruction, “do your best” or the response to the cliche excuse, “I did my best!” What it means is, when you’ve been tasked to do something, instead of doing your best, take it a step further. Do the best that you think how I, as your manager, would complete it, and to the quality/speed that I would complete it in.

do your best

Excuses are 95% bulls**t. They are often either a lie or because of laziness.

In my tree removal business, for example, I had a couple guys working with me and I constantly reminded them to get back to work or speed up. When doing reno’s on my properties, I get people to help me. Time and time again, I’ve had to go back and fix their work. When we get down to it, their excuse is that they’re doing the best they can. I basically tell them, “your best will have to be better. Step it up and work on my level.”

No excuses - do your best

It’s important for all of us as employees, employers, supervisors, service providers, tradesmen, etc. to open our minds to a new level quality or speed. The best you can always can be improved and should match that of the highest possible expectations… just in case.

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