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April 2018 - From My Brain
Daydream and feel great

Daydream, and Daydream Often!

You remember the teachers who snapped you out of a trance, “quit daydreaming and pay attention!” ? They are partially right. School is important. To have a daydream is fantastic, in fact recommended, but there is a time and place. Daydreams are the keys to goals. Essentially, your brain is playing out a plan to […]

judgement necessary

Judgement of People is Necessary – See Why

The non-judgement critics have gone too far, just like all the other social justice movements. The judging of people specifically. We are so protected, overfed and bored that we feel we need to fight against judgement. True, we could improve upon the tendency to over-judge, such as trivial judgements (we aren’t talking about them in […]

Brita bad - Cure migraines

Brita Water Not Safe For Me – Cure for Migraines?

For years I suffered from cankers and random migraines. I thought I tried everything to cure migraines and cankers: making my own kefir (I’m an advocate for probiotics), supplements, multivitamins, fasting, and organic juice cleanses. For 3 years I was vegetarian and ate mostly organic for one year of that. I did meditation and still […]

speak confidently - make your message clear

Making Your Message Clear – Speak Confidently

With political correctness at an all time high here in North America, communication can be challenging. People are offended way too easily, so everyone is becoming nervous speakers and they find it difficult to be real. Clarity is important to speak confidently. Clarity stands for “the truth” and is a raw, unmolested message. The fat […]

Make friends - get respect

How to Make Friends – The Next Level

The crux of being human is the wanting to be liked and make friends. We are pack animals at our core and strive to be socially accepted no matter how evolved or independent someone thinks they are. This need for social acceptance is assumed to stem from caveman days when people rolled as tribes and […]

law of attraction

The Real Law of Attraction – Actually Make it Work

You want to get stuff, right? Attract things into your life? Law of Attraction can help. The law of attraction has become wildly popular in the last decade or so, yet it’s been active all along, whether we believe in it or not. There are also hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces of literature that all […]

Get Respect

You Teach People How to Treat You – Get Respect

Through life, we meet and interact with many people. Some are family members, some are friends, others are acquaintances or merely a store clerk ringing you through the checkout. Nearly every single one of these relationships treats you the way they do because you’ve probably set it up that way- good treatment or bad treatment. […]

no excuses

Don’t Do YOUR Best, Do MY Best

To Do Your Best is Sometimes Not Good Enough Many of us have been the boss or manager of something in life, one time or another. The mandate of that duty is to ensure that work is completed with quality and in a timely manner. ¬†You have to do your best possible work. Sometimes, it […]