Having a month-long trip booked to Philippines coming up, I’ve been talking with many Filipinos and Filipinas. One thing I’ve found immensely refreshing is the women make efforts to not only care for, but build their men up- make them invincible against threats and set them up to take on the world. This is how Philippine women treat men:

One woman in particular said, “If I want to be a queen, I have to treat you like a king.”women treat men well in Philippines

These behaviours are extremely refreshing to hear for most men in 1st world countries. It’s win-win! The women give a little, in mere words mind you, and in turn, they make their men better providers and caretakers of the family unit (which comes back to the women).

This is one of the true and natural energies of women and mothers: nurturers.


Experiencing How These Women Treat Men

After the trip, I experienced first hand everything mentioned things in this post. The consensus from the people, as well as my experience was:

  • These women will build the man up – Kind and supportive words. Never defeating or condescending words.
  • They will feed the man and keep him strong and healthy – They always ensure that the man is at his physical best. A healthy worker is a productive worker after all.
  • Women will commit themselves to their partner – They aren’t into cheating or waiting around for the best possible mate. They are happy just having someone to love and work hard to keep that.
  • They submit themselves to their men – It feels natural to them for the man to assume the leadership role. One mother said, “when you are with my daughter, you lead and she will follow. That is my word.”

Women treat men well in Philippines

This post doesn’t apply as much to Filipinas who are single and living in North America. These women treat men about the same as a typical North American woman- hit and miss.

As an aware and conscientious single guy I sought out the more old fashioned women for even friends and acquaintances. The give and take is more smooth and natural, as well as the dynamic is more fulfilling for both. I will happily argue that the old fashioned way, women who had more humility, is the better way because it’s been successful to our species for hundreds of thousands of years. Tried, tested and true.

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